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Construction Workers at Sunset

About Us

Anything Renovate, Construction and Civils was founded in the year 2016, in the humble suburb of Grassy Park with 1 borrowed bakkie and a home toolbox. The founder, Clinton Daxh Stanley saw a gap in the construction industry which he believed he could and would eventually live on to successfully fill. 

Much like every start-up company the beginning was tough, with many sleepless nights and often working up to 24 hours in a day. Clinton was determined to make a name for himself in the construction industry.  His motivation was to provide for his wife Nolene and children Jordan and Tyrone. And to one day have grown a company which he can hand down to his children to continue the ARCC legacy. 

By 2018 business had begun to pick up. ARCC’s main clients being businesses in Cape Town. ARCC had acquired sustainable relationships with major construction contractors within the city. This meant that ARCC could become a successful sub-contractor to major Cape Town construction companies, and build up their reputation based on good quality workmanship and good ethics. 

At this point ARCC now had a fleet of two bakkies and a variety of heavy-duty tools. The office was situated in Grassy Park at Clinton and Nolene’s residence. ARCC now had 10 employees; 2 office employees and 8 on site employees. The company was finally beginning to show potential of what was to come.

2019 was the year in which ARCC really began to take off. The company was able to upgrade to a level 3 GB rating with the CIDB. ARCC had exhausted majority of supplies and employees; as a result of too much work. This called for further expansion. ARCC expanded their workforce by utilizing temporary employees to keep up with the influx of work. The inventory of tools had grown so much at this point that new storage was needed. Clinton came up with the idea of keeping tools in on site containers. This idea worked brilliantly and today ARCC currently has 7 containers in use across its various sites.

In 2020 ARCC continues to receive their support from businesses in Cape Town due to their brilliant performance and excellent workmanship.  

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